Dr Nina Burrowes is a research psychologist specialising in the psychology of rape and sexual abuse. Previously employed by HM Prison Service to conduct research with sex offenders Dr Burrowes now works as an independent research consultant and author.

In 2012 Dr Burrowes published a ground breaking report Responding to the challenge of rape myths in court: a guide for prosecutors.

“The practical response to rape myths suggested by Dr Burrowes, and her emphasis on the importance of narrative in juror decision making, adds significantly to the body of guidance on this important topic, pulling together many myths and providing valuable insight into the jury’s likely response to the working of a rapist’s mind” Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions.

This report is now used to help train prosecutors and investigators of rape cases throughout the country.

Having spent her career so far helping government, academics, and practitioners understand rape and sexual abuse Dr Burrowes has started a body of work that is aimed at the public. The courage to be me is an illustrated book that helps people understand recovery from rape or sexual abuse. Eyes open to sexual abuse. What every parent needs to know is a guide for parents that helps them manage the risks of sexual abuse in a way that won’t frighten their children. Dr Burrowes is also the creator of the video series Sexual abuse. The questions you’ve never had the chance to ask